Don't Take Our Word For It..

Lauren Emmot and Barbara Savona

Watch Your Business Sprout

We LOVE working with Clint! When we started working with him, we had the goal of creating a marketing funnel and automating our technology.

We ended up leaving with a clarity and excitement around our product that was life-changing!

Clints no BS approach to business is refreshing and mentally freeing. He drills down to what matters then helps you implement it with ease.

He’s not your traditional business strategist. He’s like a “business Viking” crushing it for your business over and over.

He has a fantastic way of cutting away the excess to help you focus on what matters. He is so easy to work with. Plus, he has the world’s best ginger beard 😉

Partnering with Clint was one of the best decisions we’ve made as business owners.

Rick Anderson


If Cliff Clavin, Mark Cuban and a Erik the Red had a baby it would be Clint.

He’s incredibly well read and educated  he’s got a natural sense for business, how to optimize process and profitability and I’m pretty sure that he’s a Viking.

I kid…but, not really.

His ability to break business concepts down into their simplest form, formulate strategy for improvement and then execute, is mind-blowing.

I’m fairly savvy I’d run my business quite successfully for 10 years prior to meeting Clint (2013) the scales fell from my eyes during our 1st conversation, then another layer fell during the 2nd and on and on.

Fast-forward several years and we are light years ahead of where we were and our competition. If you’re reading this you’ve obviously come across Clint (and Longship). Consider yourself extremely fortunate if you are lucky enough to work with him.

Dorothy Illson

Factor 75

Clint is true master of business automation! Before working with him, we had a tangled mess of funnels and automations that no one could even begin to understand. This didn’t pose much of an issue when we were small, but as our business grew, so did the problems.

Clint was a lifesaver. He has a methodical and detailed way of asking the right questions to understand our business and determine what we needed.

This included identifying new areas of opportunity that we hadn’t even considered. We did a Complete Build. From there, Clint went to work building out a new organizational structure for each of our different funnels and campaigns.

He solved the problems in our existing automations and redesigned them to be more intuitive and easier for everyone to understand. Clint also set up new reports  so now  we have a clear visibility into our marketing efforts.

I can’t recommend Clint more highly his impact on our business triggered more growth then we thought was possible.

Daniel Fylsta


Clint Hosman was key to our successful use of Infusionsoft, while working as our Coach from late 2013 to mid 2017.

During this time, Clint worked with me and my Director of Marketing, in person in Chandler Arizona, and remotely by email, web meeting and phone. Clint could quickly grasp what we wanted to accomplish, apply best Infusionsoft practices, come up with a whiteboard campaign design, then implement the entire campaign (himself) while we wrote content for scripts and emails.

On multiple occasions with Clint’s help, we walked in with an idea and walked out with a complete, working multi-step marketing campaign in two days. And these are robust, interrelated campaigns that we’ve been running every day for years.

Clint is a real pro and has consistently been a pleasure to work with.

Jimmy Talbert

Conversion Marketing for Infusionsoft

I’ve recommended several clients to Clint at LongShip Systems.

I’ve always been impressed with his ability to exceed client expectations. I’ve sent everyone from, high profile/celebrity clients to typical small businesses.

He has a special gift for identifying gaps in a marketing funnel and developing strategic solutions to fill those gaps.

Brian Inskip


Clint offers an increasingly rare combination of talent that will benefit any organization. His insane technical skill matched with his business and marketing savvy create a lethal combination.

Clint delivers every time with every detail accounted for and the end result is a system and process that actually makes sense, that actually works and that can adapt to changing conditions.

His process makes it easy for me as a business owner to map out what needs to happen and his ability to teach has empowered our organization to do things we never imagined were possible.

It is relatively easy to find talented people that can deliver in one or more of these ways but Clint is that rare breed that has always over-delivered in every aspect and has been by far the most valuable investment our Company has made to date.

I almost made a very costly decision assuming that Clint was just like all the other consultants that had under-delivered, sold me fluff and let me down CLINT IS THE REAL DEAL and a refreshing combination of skill, drive and delivery!

Clint has renewed my faith in what the right consultant can do and is now my measure of high quality service. My hope is that our business can deliver to our clients in the same way Clint has delivered for us.

Jon Bullock

Krav Maga Elite

I met Clint in the summer of 2014 when he was speaking at an event in London.

I was new to Infusionsoft and wasn’t sure if it was even the right tool for my business. I run multiple martial arts school locations across the UK, an online store, and certifications, all under different brands.

The complexity made sense in my head but I wasn’t sure how to translate that into systems and then how to translate that into Infusionsoft.

After sitting down with Clint I knew that not only could it be done, but it could be done much faster and simpler than I ever imagined.

Today, 3 years later, my business is automated to a point I never dreamed of and I’m running everything out of one Infusionsoft application.

David Bonney

Hire to Fit

Clint is an absolute master at creating clarity around what it is I want to accomplish in my business, and what the critical steps are to make that a reality.

Getting the foundational elements of the plan in place and launched in record speed allows me to start making money ASAP while spending more time in optimization mode so I can maximize results.

I can fall into cycles of over thinking things, but Clint has snapped me out of that time and time again, getting me into so I get out of my own way and drive results.

Greg Jenkins

Monkey Pod Marketing